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'' Discouraged, Peppe leaves the lamps dark one night, only to learn that little Assunta has depended on the light to come home.Thus Peppe regains his self-respect--and Papa's approval.So when the lamplighter asks the boy to take his place while he goes back to Italy, Peppe is overjoyed; at first, each lamp he lights is a wish for his family--that Assunta ``learns good English in school,'' that Giulia marries well, that Nicolina finds work.

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These detailed street scenes, with their honest faces and authentic period garb, exhibit a cinematic sweep that proves quite remarkable. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.(Interior scenes, rich in the play of light and shadow, are equally striking.) The story ends on a sentimental note, but the earnest paintings keep it from seeming trite. Grade 2-5-- Peppe, a young immigrant, lives in a tenement in Little Italy in the early 1900s.Get everything you need to deliver meaningful reading instruction using Peppe the Lamplighter by Elisa Bartone All comprehension strategy packs come complete with a step by step strategy lesson plan, guided page by page think sheet, answer key, text based reader's notebook prompt, and complete common core alignment This book and lesson plan are a smart choice for readers who are working to identify more complex author messages while reading.As the main character struggles with needing his father’s approval, students will identify clear messages about self esteem and remaining true to yourself and your responsibilities.His father's continued disapproval discourages him and makes him so ashamed that one night he gives up.

This night, his youngest sister does not come home because she is afraid of the dark.

 At a time when streetlamps are lit by hand, Peppe lives in New York's Little Italy.

With Mamma dead, Papa ill, and seven sisters at home, times are hard; the tradespeople Peppe asks for work all turn him down.

His father disapproves, but the girls encourage him.

Peppe imagines each light to be "a small flame of promise for the future" and makes a wish for those he loves at each lamp.

Peppe the Lamplighter is a comprehensive resource for teaching readers about making multiple types of connections.