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I like skating very much though I cant skate as a figure-skater. On this I am finishing my letter, because it is late already and I have to go home. And then I would like to learn more about you Peter. As I promised you last letter I will continue to tell you about myself. But it is difficult to find a job in our town if you havent got a higher education.

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It’s been a long road to complete the first volume, and now I’m digging into editing on the second volume, working to ensure that I can hopefully match what we did with the first, and with any luck, exceed it.Elena Fefelova (Surgut, Russia)My name is Pete and I am 48 Years old, am an engineer and live in the US. Therefore I bring to you the apologies if I have made something not so. As I promised you I will write in this letter more about myself. I use Internet after the work because my boss doesnt let use the computer in privit purposes. I staied after the work when there is nobody and I am writing the letter. Half a year ago a had a boy-friend But we interruted our relations. I like your film especially fantastic films and melodramas. At fist I thought that only I had such problems with a boy-friend But I talked with my girl-friends and they told me that they had the same problems. I like film very much, especially when a film is interesting.

If he did it only at holidays I would not be against. I dont know as for your country but in our country the problem of alcogolism is a great problem. I want to go to one of the famous Moscow cinemas which are better then ours. There’s a big jump in mentality, so we debated how to cover that gap, and make his decision clearer, without explicitly showing the specific reasoning that went into it.Out of that process came the two scenes that now open the episode, the brief voicemail from Jerrod Woolf, which is used to reestablish the deal, and the scene where Zinone makes a delivery to new character, Schulkin, played by friend of Respect Films and former contestant on MTV’s Yo Mama, Jordan “Hair Jordan” Schulkin. I dont know what the difference in time is with you, buty the difference with Moscow is 2 hours. When he was young he served in army in town Tbilisi (now it is territory of Georgia) He loved spicy food there. In 1997 I graduated and got a status of a specialist with a diploma. The doctors said that if the father was alive she would live longer. I recalled that I didnt tell you Peter about my education. Thats why in 1994 I entered Surgut State University. The inspiration for these was similar montages that Battlestar Galactica often used to open important episodes, like the first season finale.