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Still, we continue on and in the process, we learn what it is to be proud and lonely, excited and overwhelmed.

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Sarah Sapora is a marketing expert specializing in lifestyle brands for women.From plus size apparel to the tantalizing world of the male revue- she’s worked marketing for both Chippendales and The Men of the Strip as seen on the E! Not because I'm particularly bold or because my story is particularly unique. I'm just a girl in the world—a little lost, a little unsure, a little sad. asked me to write a blog series about my newly single life, and I said yes. Channel—Sarah loves nothing more than to use her creative, professional juices to support and empower women.

With her blog and small sliver of Social Media World, Sarah uses honest and raw accounts of her own journey to self-love and her love for plus size fashion to inspire women of ALL shapes, sizes and ages to be more forgiving of themselves and to live confidently.

But I'm here, and I'm standing, and I'm dating again for the first time, well, ever.

How I got here is a long and, well, heartbreaking story, filled with excruciating twists and turns (I'll spare you the details). Love did not turn out the way I planned, which is ironic, in a sense, because I am a novelist who writes about love.

Medical school applications can raise big hairy questions about the long-term potential and trajectory of your relationship as well as the question of whether you get a say in where the applicant applies and attends medical school.

For some, the timing of these questions arises in synchrony with the relationship’s natural progression, that is, at a time when you and your partner are beginning to discuss your long-term prospects.

Other couples might feel like the conversation have been thrust upon them because of the impending decisions.