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Some had become involved in petty offending, others in the commission of more serious crime.Victims were too shocked and ashamed to tell anyone about the abuse they had suffered and did not think they would be believed because of their social circumstances.Among the most vulnerable Lovatt and Allen were found guilty of a total of 21 offences.

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Adult offenders are persons aged 21 or over, Young Offenders are persons aged between 18-20, and Youth/Juvenile Offenders are persons aged between 10-17.However, some offenders aged between 15-17 are placed in Young Offender Institutions in certain cases, due to capacity, risk and other factors.All three are operated by the Northern Ireland Prison Service.There is also a Juvenile Justice Centre, located in Bangor, County Down, which is operated by the Youth Justice Agency.Whilst some members of staff were undoubtedly dedicated to their work, others were sexual predators who used violence and fear as a means of control over the boys.

“They abused their own positions of authority and responsibility to sexually assault, and in the most extreme instances, to rape, the children in their care.“Far from being caring professionals, these two men were cynical sex offenders.Boys at the residential school were among the most vulnerable in society.Richard Wright, QC, prosecuting, said many of the boys were troubled and often came from terrible domestic environments.You will have knowledge and understanding of CSE in the UK.You will have good communication skills with the ability to listen to the views of others, articulate and clearly present ideas both verbally and in writing, and build relationships and high level contacts.Culture of bullying Judge Clark said: "There was a culture of bullying and control at Thorp Arch Grange."It was during that period when the culture was in place that you were offending."The background was one where, to some people, the boys were simply objects to be picked upon, bullied and utterly controlled."Your victims felt utterly unable to complain."They were trapped at a school where they had no choice.