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As well as Monroe, Dienes also photographed such notable actors as Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Henry Fonda, Shirley Temple, Ingrid Bergman, Ronald Reagan, Jane Russell, Anita Ekberg and Fred Astaire. Smiling, radiant - utterly misleading; I little guessed that this was our last goodbye".

In his memoirs Dienes described the first time he met Monroe saying "..was as if a miracle had happened to me. In recent years, Andre de Dienes' photography has received overdue critical attention from a variety of sources.

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In 1938 the editor of Esquire, Arnold Gingrich offered him work in New York City, and helped fund Dienes' passage to the United States. Dienes suggested that they go on a road trip to photograph her in the natural landscapes, for which Dienes paid her a flat fee of 0.

Once in the United States Dienes worked for Vogue and Life magazines as well as Esquire. Dienes next met her on Labor Day in 1946, with her new name of Marilyn Monroe, they next worked together in 1952, where he shot her at the Bel Air Hotel and 1953, where she telephoned him at 2am, and took him to a darkened street where he used his car headlights to illuminate her, taking pictures her wide-eyed and unmade up. Of their last meeting he said that "..success was a sham, her hopes thwarted..next day she left a bouquet outside my door: a selection of her latest photos.

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Dienes travelld across Europe mostly on foot, until his arrival in Tunisia.

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