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I’ve seen this sort of thing happen so many times where are people are afraid to show their true selves for the fear of not being accepted.

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He said to his protege, “John, the people who turned their heads are not marks. Gamble with everybody else.” In essence, ‘Racking the Shotgun’ means doing something to select for a specific type of person, or recognize a specific type of person.

Marshall applies this principle to marketing, while I apply it to dating.

I was ready to try another approach that would give me the messages I wanted to receive from the types of people I would have legitimate interest in talking to, hanging out with, or even dating.

Now, I should mention I’m a huge fan of efficiency.

Humans are predictable creatures and thus there are statistically accurate interpretations to the things your online potential partner will say in order to seduce you (that's right, they may well be seducing you, and thus the hunter becomes the hunted and the cycle of life becomes a deathspiral of shattered dreams, until you wind up sucking the discarded fat from used hamburger wrappers within the urine-stained cardboard walls of the hovel in which you make your new home, dreaming of the past-moments that could have solved your life's problems, if you'd only researched online dating properly at some kind of encyclopedia-like website).

There are a wide variety of successful strategies to bringing down the online meat.

I’m able to do this from a place of greater understanding about myself, and my needs in any type of relationship.

I recognize that the type of person I am suited for should see my profile, and instead of cower (or write to me that I’m such a “total bitch”), they either recognize that it is carefully planned for this purpose, or they accept the challenge.

I changed my essays to short and sweet to show how little stock I put into the whole thing.

Messages did improve, but I got messages from guys who were also totally disinterested in the online dating platform.

The world of online dating opens up a vast network of desperate fellow nerds seeking to mate, many of them with standards as low as yours, but it is a world fraught with dangers.