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This option speeds up connections since upgraded members can focus their attention on members who have already expressed interest via a LIKE. Or take advantage of some of the other fun options like 'hugs', 'licks', 'bites' and 'punches'.(In development due to our network upgrade.)' Groups' allow you to further define a little of who you are, within individual Passions Network sites.A 'smooch' is a quick way to express your interest in someone without writing an email message. ' Groups' also allow you to find people who share some similarity with you, whether it be a personal trait or a specific interest…and hopefully this will make it easier to break the ice and make new friends.The way LIKES work is that the LIKED member is NOT notified UNLESS they LIKE you back at some point…in which case both members are then notified that they ‘LIKE’ one another.This allows shy members to find out who is interested in them via mutual LIKE notifications. Members who have LIKED other members can keep track of who they have LIKED, when they LIKED them and on which site in the network they LIKED the other member. LIKE management is handled within the ‘Members Liked’ page, accessible via the SETTINGS link on a members profile page. Upgraded members have the ability to see who has LIKED them already…before they have initiated a LIKE.Take a moment to browse some of the Shy Passions Groups to see how they work.

First, we’d like to encourage you to reconsider deleting your account for the following reasons: 1) The Site You Joined Is FREE 2) We Are Adding New Features Every Week 3) New Members Are Joining Everyday & Existing Members Are Logging Back In Everyday 4) Passions Network Is The ONLY 260 Niche Dating/Social Network Online – Enjoy Unique Features Not Seen Anywhere Else 5) Email Notifications Can Be Easily Modified (If That Is An Issue) 6) Passions Network Is One Of The VERY Few Dating Networks Over 13 Years Old – Because It Works 7) Members Are Meeting, Forming Relationships, Marrying & Having Babies – YAY!

Passions Network is a network of individual sites, each with a focus on a specific interest (or Passion), or on a specific geographic region.

For example, if you have a passion for yoga, and for reading, and you are a Republican vegetarian, you could choose to make your profile available on each of the Passions sites focused on those interests.

Just add someone into your ' Favorites / Friends' list, and you'll be notified when they are online.1) What are LIKES?

LIKES are ways for members to create a personal list of members they find interesting for some reason. The LIKE button is located on member profile pages and when members see other members they are interested in, they are encouraged to LIKE that member (although there is a limit of 10 LIKES per member per day).

Please note that you are limited to a single site within the network unless you choose to upgrade to ' Network Wide Access', which would allow you to add as many of the other 260 sites within the network as you would like.