Single christain dating

As a child of God, I ask that you protect and keep us both safe. May God answer every part of your prayer & also may your prayer have a positive affect others that are in a similar situation.

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Oh God I ask for your healing powers to enter my body right now. Search my body, from the marrow of my bones to every hair on the surface of my flesh, HEAL me right now God!! You have my foundation and path planned out before me and I challenge you God today to do your will according to all your riches and glory you may have for me lord.HEAL me from any Chronic Diseases, Infectious Disease, whether it be and STD, HIV, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Pain Weakness, Anxiety, Depression, Stress. OH GOD I ask that you Anoint my body, mind, soul and spirit. I pray this not only for myself God, but I know there are other young men like me, who trust you completely and whole heart! I know that you said in your word that whatever we ask, in YOUR Name, believing, that we shall receive. I am your walking testimony I am your humble servant I am nothing without you. Forgive me lord I love you and I need you to move in my life lord in Jesus name Amen Lord i ask that you heal me!Being sensitive to the needs of the other person yet being also able to know how to disagree in the right way.If nothing else, agree to disagree, take it up later. Respect, mercy, kindness, understanding things that come easy when you are in love and love the other person hello my friend,how are you doing?No games, looking for that one that is matured and her life is all set,except for missing a companion to share it.

I do have a lot to share in this life, being alone is OK at times,but it would mean more to spend my life with that Special Woman. Dear god, God my father you gave me all good things but again I make it sins.You won't let him because I am your child and you fight for us everyday. Dear pastor Benny Hinn, Greatings to you in the name of our Almighty God.S ARMY and i really want a serious and good relationship with the right woman that will love me for who iam. i will tell you more about me when you replied me back. mullar – 53 y/o male – new york, USA – engineer Caucasian/ Divorced Description: am honest ,caring .and truth full Hello! Values, morals, honesty, respect, integrity, character, trust.All of this means something to me, and it should mean everything as well to my partner.Here am a mother of 4 children from Wokha Nagaland, India and I want you to help me by praying for my healing as am suffering from breast abscess due to lymph node on my left breast for the past 2 months. Almighty God, I praise & give ther thanks eternally. Today I ask that you grant your healing grace to my Mother.