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The most recent legislative change was the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act, 2007, section 11 which added Section 20(1)(a A) of the SOA, which states that any person who has unlawful carnal intercourse or commits an act of indecency with any other person for reward, is guilty of an offence, effectively criminalising the client as well as the prostitute.In 2017 a report by the South African Law Reform Commission, recommended that the current law be retained (proffered option), or that prostitution should be decriminalised but third party involvement remain illegal.In April 2013, the Commission for Gender Equality also stated its support for decriminalization.They argued that current laws violate sections of the constitution, and that sex workers would be better protected if the law is changed.Take charge of your dating and lovelife, make it all happen with this 100% FREE online dating app where you can make friends and meet the great singles in South Africa.

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Thai and Chinese nationals control the sex trafficking of Asian women.

Russian and Bulgarian organised crime control trafficking in Cape Town.

In an interview with one sex worker in Cape Town, she said: "The colored police officer grabbed me, and my clothes came off.

Then they pepper sprayed me in my mouth and beat me".

Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force (SWEAT), is a group based in South Africa that has been working to decriminalize sex work and eventually legalize it.