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Mc Kay is actually able to keep steady relationships.An alternate version of himself has admitted that he likes Mc Kay for the simple fact that he is able to speak his mind so freely and simply. Elizabeth Weir states in “Tao of Rodney” that she and the members of Rodney’s team love him.

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Mc Kay comes up with his most brilliant ideas while faced with the threat of death.Despite his shortcomings, Mc Kay has performed acts of extraordinary heroism as early as the first few episodes of the show.Though all humans are descendants of the Ancients, very few people have this trait.However, by the use of gene therapy several members of the Atlantis Expedition, including Mc Kay, have also been artificially given the ATA-gene This way they can access Ancient technology as long as they receive regular treatments of the therapy.He enjoys veal, MREs, hospital food, and airline food.

He studied medical science at one time, but stopped because too much information on the human body made him start to diagnose himself with many phantom diseases.

In the United States, SGA was shown on the Sci-Fi Channel.

The setting originated in Stargate: SG1’s final episode of season 7 and first episode of season 8, the lost city of Atlantis.

Once activated, a machine can be operated by others who do not possess the gene. He is seen clad in a Stargate jumpsuit, a laboratory coat, civilian clothing or whatever is appropriate in the setting.

As a result, gene-holders have been kidnapped to provide activation. His body language is rather offensive, and he is often seen pushing co-workers out of the way when he rushes to check up on an idea.

That included taking the initiative to hand-carry, and then throw, a Naqadah generator through the Stargate in order to lure a creature of floating energy out of the city.