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Leave your torso open and your legs un-crossed and you’ll seem more attractive and friendly.Just remember there’s a difference between “taking up space” and “sprawling”.

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So to start with, get those nervous little gestures under control.

To start with, learn to fidget less; don’t continually play with your hair, adjust your clothes or flutter your hands. Eliminating fillers from your speech like “umm”, “errr” and “well…” is also useful.

Let’s look at this image for an idea of what that entails: Yes, this is a posed photo, but it illustrates space maximization rather nicely. It’s a subtle way of communicating via body-language.

Notice how the man is sitting: his legs are spread apart. He’s displaying confidence and assertiveness – even a little attitude – by being willing to spread out. People who confident are afraid to take up space; they huddle in on themselves, as though they’re afraid to offend others with their presence.

It also changes the message your body language is sending.

When you take up space you are, by necessity, opening up your body.Your general rule of thumb should be to aim for just a little cooler than everyone else. Go to the mall and have a look around: this is what you’re wanting to stand out from.Even if you’re just a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, you can be a little more awesome than the people around you – little touches from shoes to the cut and quality of your jeans and shirt will help set you above the people around you.Gainsbourg understood what it meant to be attractive.Good looks are purely physical attributes – in men, it’s a matter of facial symmetry, shoulder-to-waist ratio, height and outward signs of physical health.Coco Chanel famously said that when you dress shabbily, people notice your clothes.