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While flatly rejecting the mission of Radio Marti, Norelys Morales Aguilera [es], a state journalist and blogger in Santa Clara, Cuba, was deeply offended by the program: Parecía que la maquinaría de propaganda yanqui había utilizado todas las técnicas y todos los argumentos imaginables para intentar inspirar a los cubanos un disgusto hacía su Revolución y el deseo de emigrar.Faltaba lanzar la idea de que uno puede soñar con prosperar en el paraíso norteamericano donde se puede disfrutar la “libertad” de convertirse en “estrella” de la industria pornográfica.If what Diaz wants is an opinion and nothing else, then it seems to me that the RADIO MARTI program featuring actress Angelina Castro was more transparent and healthy for the minds of compatriots than the pedagogical nausea that he produced on his program today…

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It had seemed that the Yankee propaganda machine had used all of possible techniques and vehicles [in an effort] to make Cubans feel disgust towards the Revolution and to want to migrate.“Ronald Reagan established [taxpayer-financed] Radio Martí in 1983 to help promote freedom and democracy, but the…program featuring Angelina Castro was all about sex,” Along the Malecon’s Tracey Eaton wrote of the broadcast.Speaking on 1800 Online, a program hosted by Juan Juan Almeida and Lizandra Díaz Blanco that generally focuses on Internet-related initiatives and citizen journalism in Cuba, Castro described how she began making adult films in order to pay her student loans after graduating from college.She soon fell in love with the work and has since become a celebrated porn star and producer in Miami, a major hub for adult filmmaking and websites in the US.The actress spoke at length about her desire to “break stereotypes” about the industry by showing the public that acting in adult films is “a job like any other.” Although pornography is illegal in Cuba, Almeida noted that illegal, informally produced pornography from Cuba is on the rise online. _ Bring canned vegetables, Iniit, ^ i WAf huntry qni . — - ' communjsti f cif cle4 -fhc moo T) I i was hwriqiy ap\ you , . This aphorism takes on an amusing context in Andrew Sandoval's liner notes to The Monkees, the first of the nine orig- inal Monkees albums Rhino Records has re-issued for compact disc and cassette. E Power Rangers Roseanne n Stereo) GMANews Juvenile Justice Wonder Years T. News Notlcias Panda TV Magazine Noticiero Univision Black Sheep Squadron "Anyone lor Suicide? Join us in our Professor Lunches program, so you too can discover the great advantages of strong communication lines between students & faculty. Any concern I'd had for my life melted away and in its place an unyielding determination set in like ruthlessly cut into the second lane and raised my hand in thanks to the driver behind me who promptly nipped me off. But whether the passage is binding law that the courts must uphold or just supportive informa- tion was unclear, Lee added.