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After a few months, many changes have taken place in Vikata Nagaram.

The Chinese have entered the fray and are trading with the Kingdom.

He tries to warn his comrades of this, but his pigeon who carried the warning message, is captured by one of the ministers (Manobala).

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The Foreign Affairs Minister of Vikata Nagaram, Nandivarma Rayar (Joe Malloori) objects to this, saying that he doesn't want to betray the King and his people for money.Chao Gong Gong realising that he is of no use to the plan, has courtesan Hong kill him with a poisoned needle from her hair.Tenaliraman's comrades believe the twisted message sent to them and raid the palace, only to have them and Tenaliraman get captured by the King.On learning of the conspiracy, the King banishes Tenaliraman from his kingdom.Tenaliraman, in reality, is a rebel who is sent by his comrades to kill the King, whom he believes at first, is responsible for the poverty of the people.

Later, while having dinner with the King and the ministers, he discovers that it is the ministers who are at fault and not the King.

Unbeknownst to the King, they are reaping the rewards for themselves, leaving the people even poorer.

Parasbaram and the ministers get their share and are enjoying themselves.

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Watch Thenaliraman movie online – Tamil Movie starring Vadivelu, Meenakshi Dixit and Manobala in lead roles.

The King is now very sad thinking of Tenaliraman and misses him.