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Dressing for below 30 degrees is hard enough as it is, but needing to look polished on top of it? We pieced together outfits that require minimal effort but lead to maximum results.

Or, throw on a sweater over a button-down shirt and trousers, and you've got yourself a winter office uniform.

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saying, "Saddened to hear the passing of Dusty Rhodes.

Newlyweds Pippa Middleton and James Matthews made their first appearance since their own headline-making May 20 wedding at friend's nuptials in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday.

Play with different textures and color combinations for different looks, but the fundamentals should remain the same.

Keep reading for five fail-safe, no-think outfit formulas to help you figure out what to wear to work in the winter.

The dress is certainly a big departure from her very formal, lace wedding gown by Giles Deacon.

Today's silk design was quite bohemian and '70s inspired.Pippa donned some dazzling duds for the wedding of her friend, entrepreneur Jöns Bartholdson, who married Anna Ridderstad in a lavish wedding.For the event, Kate Middleton's younger sister broke with tradition (the one where you don't wear white or black to a wedding) and outfitted herself in a black, white and floral Kenzie Gown from Erdem, which was originally priced at 68.From the colour to the denier, there's a lot to think about when it comes to wearing tights.But now a whole new debate has opened up after one woman revealed that her friend doesn't wear knickers when wearing tights.While there, the couple wasted no time soaking up the sun while paddle boarding and taking strolls along the beach.