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This is especially true in chat rooms, where you can get comfortable chatting with someone and suddenly realize they know things about you.

You probably want your online name to describe who you are, but be careful about the name and words you choose.

One place to look is to check with your internet provider to see if the company provides chat capabilities. Free Chat Now is a fairly new online chat community.

Most often chat rooms are established based on a theme or area of interest so those who gather in them have something to talk about.

Older students will often avoid teen chat rooms and look for a chat filled with more mature students who are likely to carry on meaningful conversations.

If you are allowed to go to a chat, be careful to check out the topic first.

Your parents/guardians can check out the chat room first to make sure the conversation is okay.

For the most part, college students tend to congregate with people within their age group.

With such a wide selection of free college chat rooms, it should be easy to find one that is right for you.Netiquette refers to the accepted practices that help make the chat room experience pleasant for everyone.For the most part it concerns matters of courtesy as you communicate with others.If you can't think of an online name to use without describing something about yourself, try using the name of a candy bar, color, or something else that's not personal.If the name is already taken, you can try adding a few numbers, for example Green123.Advance Chat offers two free college chat rooms including College Chat 1 and College Chat Center.