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The word is a reference to the fact that the customer, upon receiving the product, just needs to turn the ignition key to make it operational, or that the key just needs to be turned over to the customer.

Turnkey is often used to describe a home built on the developer's land with the developer's financing ready for the customer to move in.

This often includes a computer with pre-installed software, various types of hardware, and accessories. A website with a ready-made solutions and some configurations is called a turnkey website.

Turnkey products are synonymous to "off-the-shelf" solutions and not customized.

If a contractor builds a "turnkey home" they frame the structure and finish the interior.

Everything is completed down to the cabinets and carpet.

This process includes the purchase, construction or rehab (of an existing site), the leasing out to tenants, and then the sale of the property to a buyer.

The buyer is purchasing an investment property which is producing a stream of income.

It’s noble to create a custom solution for every single client that comes knocking on your door, but the truth is – not all of them a custom solution. While these templated sites won’t be the solution for every client you onboard, they will be for some – and that alone will start to make a big difference in your team’s workload.

Many will just want something that looks professional, works, and sticks within their budget. These templated site designs allow you to quickly swap out the content to create a solution for your clients that . Even though turnkey sites are typically meant for lower-paying clients, they allow you to take on more work without cutting into development time, which means more money in the bank and an easy-to-scale solution.

In drilling, the term indicates an arrangement where a contractor must fully complete a well up to some milestone to receive any payment (in exchange for greater compensation upon completion).

June 29, 2017 by Morgan Ryan As you’re taking on more web design clients and trying to grow your agency, eventually you’re going to run into the natural problem of scaling your services – it’s a growing pain every business must address.

Let’s say you focus on building websites for restaurants. It’s important to note that with a turnkey website strategy, you can still build custom sites for those larger paying clients.