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The Ag Innovation Showcase is an intimate event that gathers the most influential and forward thinking minds in agriculture to incite industry-changing discussion around key themes.

Each year, our goal has been simple but ambitious: to bring together thought leaders focused on issues of predominant interest to both the agricultural industry and society as a whole. Adrian Percy joined the Executive Committee of the division Crop Science on August 1, 2014 as Head of Research & Development. He grew up and studied in the United Kingdom earning a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool, a Master’s degree in Toxicology and then a doctorate in Biochemistry at the University of Birmingham.

Together they rent farmland and also share in owning and managing various pieces of equipment that make their respective operations better.

In 2011, the couple formed GR Farms, LLC and began farming full-time with the help of one employee.

The farm diversified into earth working, which added additional equipment and employees.

Whether it is in the heated shop or farm office, the winter months are filled with data and business analysis, machine maintenance and repair or traveling to continued education seminars.

As long as we employ a group of people skilled enough to perform the needed tasks, we will complete them ourselves instead of hiring out.

This same year he returned as the fifth generation to their family's farm in Lafayette County, Missouri. degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Over time, moving out of livestock production to focus solely on grain production, the farm has evolved into specialized production of food grade white corn and soybeans. He has gained continued education by being selected by Du Pont-Pioneer to participate in their New Century Farmer and Next Generation Producer events.In his position he handled all aspects of the Walmart business, from their paid media advertising, to structuring and formalizing how the two companies shared and utilized their respective proprietary data, to how the retailer could enhance their customer service offerings with Twitter technologies, and even helping top Walmart executives engage directly with customers on the Twitter platform. Moorhead was no stranger to Big Data and Big Retail when he arrived at Twitter as a result of his prior role as Vice President of Mobile at Catalina, the market leader in CPG purchase data and consumer promotions marketing.Over his 2 years there, he was responsible for working with the company's sales and marketing teams to implement industry leading solutions within Catalina’s innovative products for CPG manufacturers.The most successful brands today, are the one who take a proactive approach to transparency in order to satisfy consumer needs.These brands are finding that product transparency is more than a nice to have, it has a real and lasting impact on their bottom line, leading to to increased brand loyalty and perceived brand worth.Moorhead is an ideal fit for his role as Chief Marketing Officer at cloud data start-up Label Insight.