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The best thing is, that one vendor sells these, so finding them is not needed.The best possible shield available - which also can't be used by classes who dislike magic, but by everyone else (even classes that don't like big shields).Having a coil of rope in the inventory activates the grappling arrows, which allow ascend or descent to a new floor. Information about the workings of this artifact can be gained by first talking to Utomo in Yes, then to Yuna in Buccaneer's Den and then giving her message to Utomo.

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Therefore, others need to be found to outfit the entire party.The sextant makes it possible to see the current position on the world map.A fresh staff can hold 10 charges for the cost of casting Enchant and the spell you'd like the staff to hold, which can be particularly cost-effective for regent-intensive spells, such as Invisibility All. This armour can be found, but this is not needed, as one vendor does sell it in his shop.These helmets are the best head protection in the game with an armour rating of 5.Magic shields can't be bought, they can only be found.

Besides the shield of the order of the Silver Serpent, which is a plot item and not listed, there also is the Silver Ankh Shield.According to the hintbook, the two-handed hammer is the best melee weapon the druid-class, who are forbidden from using sharp weapons. This is the best non-unique melee weapon all the remaining classes can use.It is the strongest non-unique weapon with a damage-rating of 24 - 30, which can be found in the game.Even better, all classes can use it, even the ones that don't like magic gear.However, apart from finding it, only one vendor sells it in all of Britannia. Instead the spell Enchant is used on them in order to store charges of various spells into them, just like Fire Wands and Lightning Wands, but more versatile.However, getting it is entwined with the main quest of the game. Setting them somewhere and then shooting an arrow at it starts a devastating explosion. These are actually need to get the treasure of Hawkins.