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Both types of specimens can be used for the estimation of fracture toughness and the R curve of the inner layer material.

The application of a protecting pipe with a higher value of the Young modulus (E1/E2 A PE80-based composite pipe was fabricated.

Considerable cost savings with an additional gain in safety can be realised with no-dig technologies.

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In the light of the findings – and subsequent analysis and evaluation of the observed data – this report has reached the following key conclusions about the relative merits of the different sewer pipe types currently available: In service, flexible pipes perform better than rigid pipes, Buried pipelines need flexibility, Fittings for flexible pipeline systems ensure more reliable connections, Installation of flexible pipeline systems reduces risk to the environment, Flexible sewer pipelines are the sound, long-service option.The comparison of the R-curves obtained from the two types of specimens (with and without a protective layer) indicates that both are practically identical.We have developed an inorganic material based on synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide withan average primary particle size of 150 nm and a specific surface area of 20 m2/g, called SIDISTAR Every one knows that plastic is a fantastic material in a fault and rain water application field.There are lots of advantages in use of plastics: very good hydraulics (low material roughness), no incrustation (no sediment / sludge influence on a pipe surface), tightness of connections, durable materials / long life of a system, chemical resistance, light weight, ease of installation.Also this paper give a short overview about the new Developments that have been made for the plastic pipe market: short or long cameras, Water jet cleaning equipment, air balloons to stop a flow in a pipe or a chamber, robots to repair small diameter pipes from the inside With detail designing & planning among pipeline engineers & designers, excellent coordination/cooperation between pipe producers and field installers and perfect execution, the MTD pipeline was completed on time and went on line during fourth quarter 2003.

It marked a paramount advancement for HDPE pipe and the completion of the largest PE100 project for smooth wall pressure pipe in North America – both in terms of continuous system length and pipe diameter.Lacking an ASTM requirement to be in a specific area of color space, the organic pigment formulas are seen to reach the same area of color space as current commercial pipe with no economic penalty.Organic pigments broaden possible application areas for rework and reduce disposal issues as well.Its effectiveness will be improved by combining the conventional method with the insertion method, rather than executing the insertion method at all renovation work sites.Modern plastic materials and multilayer pipe structures make it possible to design and adapt pipes to the most challenging requirements.It is expected that more water utilities become aware of PVC-O.