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Net Scaler Gateway SSL VPN clients reconnect automatically.

ICA connection clients can only reconnect if Session Reliability is enabled in the Web Interface site configuration or Cloud Gateway configuration.][-inform (DER|PEM)][-no Domain Check]Note: If the private key is password protected, you must specify the password.

There are two different ways to do this depending upon if the the certificate is expired or not.

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Note that Log Me In is not responsible for the issuance of root certificates and cannot provide further assistance should the problem persist.If you have an HTTPS listener, you deployed an SSL server certificate on your load balancer when you created the listener. You must ensure that you renew or replace the certificate before its validity period ends.To replace a certificate, you must first create a new certificate by following the same steps that you used when you created the current certificate. After a certificate that is deployed on a load balancer is replaced, new requests use the new certificate.Note that renewing or replacing a certificate does not affect requests that were already received by a load balancer node and are pending routing to a healthy target.Fast update is critical for persons who depend on e-services in their private or work life and who lack alternative authentication means (mobile-ID, Smart-ID). When and how to update the certificates: Important further information for Mac users Mac OS X users can download the newest version of the ID-software from Appleā€™s App Store.

The remote update process is performed in the same manner as with other operating systems.

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You should update the certificates if you are using your ID-card electronically and the document has been issued after 16 October 2014.

If you do not do so, you are prompted to specify the password.

For an example and additional information, refer to Citrix Documentation - Adding or Updating a Certificate-Key Pair.

To ensure that you have a secure connection between the LDAP directory and Self Service Password Reset, you must import a certificate in to Self Service Password Reset through the Configuration Editor or with the Configuration Guide.