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I think once Foxit adds any marks they are there permanently.

They have both a Windows installer version and a portable version.You can download the portable version here: is a 5Mb download, the executable is 7.8Mb and UPX's down to 3.4Mb.As of v3.0, Foxit Reader is severely crippled in it's free form.For what I use it for, I didn't mind the evaluation marks left behind from marking up the file.Then IE7 "miraculously" became my default browser (yeah, right.) and Firefox would NOT EVEN LOAD! PISSED me right off.".....select "Automatically check for Foxit updates".

Please note that this option is selected by default."If I understand correctly, the program will phone home automatically by default.That is one of the most desirable features of any PDF editor/viewer and has not been available through open source in quite a while.Unfortunately, Foxit freeware does not have this feature.I've never heard of of PDF-Xchange Viewer until this post. I am unable to open embedded PDF objects in a Powerpoint where the default reader is Foxit.It reports an out of memory condition, which itself is an error.Adobe Reader is a free program for viewing and printing PDF documents.