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Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of only responding to those who contact you.Be proactive and contact people you’re interested in meeting.In composing your email, you’ll obviously want to avoid the generic “you sound interesting” statements.

Check this regularly to find out who thinks you’re hot and perhaps use this as a prioritization list to find out if you reciprocate the hotness for anyone who’s hotlisted you.

Initiating Contact The most important step is actually connecting with someone, sending that initial email to introduce yourself.

That's the most basic summary of how Second Life works - but it can also get a whole lot more complicated.

The game - or world - has its own currency, called the Linden Dollar (L$).

The more you check people out, the more people will check out you. Conveying Interest After a brief period of scanning, you’ll (hopefully) become intrigued by a few photos and/or profiles. What’s the online equivalent to making eye contact and flashing a big smile?

It’s called winking and on most sites you just click a button to initiate it.Control your destiny by setting a goal for yourself; maybe shoot to contact five people per week.The more people you contact, the more people you’ll have contacting you. In 2003, Linden Lab, a San Fran-based gaming and VR company, launched Second Life.12 years later, more than a million users around the globe play the online game - although Linden Lab insists that Second Life is not a game at all.I prefer to bypass the wink in favor of a less casual approach to letting people know I’m interested. As the name suggests, hotlisting allows you to build a list of people you’re interested in contacting, either now or later.