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The term Virtual Person refers to a conversational program equipped with graphical representation of its 3-dimensional human body.The term Virtual Person is typically used by graphic designers who deal with modelling the virtual human body. A typical example of a Virtual Person is a boy called Milo.Virtual Person would be an identity legally representing a physical person on the Internet.

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Imagine an extra person who can stand and talk directly to a specific audience for hours without a break.

Watch this video prepared by marketing services provider W7 how a holographic projection of a Virtual Person attracted customers.

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Computer sense of “not physically existing but made to appear by software” is attested from 1959.

Although we use chatbot as the main synonym on this website, please do not be confused.

A digital artist Stefan Fahrngruber focuses on experimental video and animation, interactive installations, sculptures, robots and interfaces, which have the core topic of interaction and communications with the computer and the effects of digital media on human behaviour.

In his gallery you can also view some examples of a photo-realistic Virtual Person, one of which is presented in the picture.

This research section also shows which universities are active in the virtual person field, indicates which publishers are publishing journals on humanlike conversational AI and informs about academic events on virtual persons.