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..Even in an age of cheap money, high house prices would leave many to guess that you need to be near the top of the pile to buy a home, but is that true? ..A fly on the shower screen watching my morning ablutions might think my love of animals has gone bonkers.

..A liberal society should permit cultural or religious minorities to wear distinctive clothing - but only if that doesn’t get in the way of an institution’s ability to enforce basic standards of security.

..‘Jack assures me that he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency should he be confirmed as secretary of the Treasury,’ Obama said, naming Lew as the man he wants to succeed Timothy Geithner.

..MIKE DICKSON: Andy Murray knew things had changed a week ago when he walked out on Centre Court to the kind of pop star reception not witnessed since the exceptional days of the London 2012 tennis event.

..I’ve never really given George Groves the credit he deserves.

..STUART BROAD: It is not a sentiment reflected in the scoreline of this Ashes series, but I think we will rightly be favourites when Australia come over to us in 2019 — and I expect us to win.

..OLIVER HOLT: The first Wimbledon men’s singles final I remember is Stan Smith versus Ilie Nastase in 1972. It’s 70 minutes long, it deals with memory loss, it includes songs called Empiricist and Chiaroscuro, and it’s made by an indie band from Portland, Oregon.

..David Cameron is running out of ploys to make backbench Tories feel part of the Government machine.

The whips are very worried — that is to say, those whips who are not already EU sceptics themselves.

..Freedom of speech is under renewed attack, this time from members of the House of Lords after they hijacked a bill to update Britain's data protection laws to launch an attempt to shackle the Press.

..The relationship crumbled during the past year as the Prime Minister tired of Justine Greening's tone of voice in Cabinet meetings, described by one observer as often 'patronising' and supercilious'.

..The most worrying thing about the sorry tale of Peter Cruddas is that it is yet another example of a failure by the Conservative leadership to think things through, or to have any regard for the way in which things were managed in the past.