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The restaurant is BYOB so guests can add their spirit of choice for an alcoholic alternative.

Ruxbin in Noble Square is an unpretentious neighborhood B.

Instead of duck or turkey, chef Edward Kim will prepare whole guinea fowl in two distinct Asian and American-influenced courses. With just 32 seats and a steampunk aesthetic, Ruxbin belongs to Edward Kim, a Chicago-born, Cordon Bleu-trained Korean-American chef who worked under Thomas Keller at Per Se.

“I wanted to do something that was a whole animal ’cause I feel there’s something very celebratory about that, and it was a bird that I wasn’t super familiar with and my cooks (weren’t either), so it was exciting for us to play with,” At Ruxbin in Chicago, guests can enjoy a rotating selection of seasonal housemade dry sodas from Beverage Director Nate Chung, including the Maraschino Black Cherry with black cherries, almond extract, vanilla bean, Luxardo, and Angostura bitters or the Passion Fruit Basil with passion fruit, basil, and coconut palm sugar.

The contemporary American restaurant, praised for its French execution, is ditching tradition for a menu that allows chef and owner Edward Kim to “go back to the roots of what it means to commune and dine.” Presenting dishes like jackfruit carnitas with smoked tomato and chickpea pierogi in a sour rye broth, it’s difficult to call Ruxbin anything less than revolutionary. Contrary to popular belief, today’s podcast guests—Beverly Kim of Parachute (our #5 Best New Restaurant in America in 2015) and Edward Kim of Mott Street and Ruxbin (our #5 Best New Restaurant in America in 2011)—are not related.

But both chefs are turning out some of the most creative, rule-bending Korean food in Chicago right now.I re-signed because I can walk to Edward Kim’s restaurants, Ruxbin and Mott Street, in 10 minutes flat.Weeknight or weekend, solo or en masse, reservation or walk-in. Ashland Ave., 312-624-8509) is offering a novel twist to traditional “peking duck style” and Thanksgiving-flavored service this fall.Which is the real charm of eating here now: You can build an entire weekend out of cheap eats, you can go full tilt, or you can do a little of each—like we did with our hit list of where to go right now.Enjoy Chicago's best restaurants sorted alphabetically. It had just celebrated its sixth anniversary, but Ruxbin was already feeling the dreaded seven-year itch.To top that, the editors at Bon Appetit flew in and declared it one of America's best new restaurants. The community of a family style meal meets the refinement of a prix fixe meal, with all of the flavors and creativity of both.