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The Angel of the Junkle: It does not work probably The app's does need improvement.

While these networks are fairly easy to set up, they do have their drawbacks. There are several things you can do to increase the security of your wireless network, but in many cases most of these networks are administered by individuals who are not professional network administrators.

Most people will only have one wireless network to worry about, while there are increasing numbers of people who must manage and keep track of security for several wireless networking installations, sometimes under the same roof.

Now you can use D-Link with Linksys with Netgear with Belkin with SMC, etc.

and maintain your wireless networking security without worrying about equipment WEP key incompatibilities. Wireless networking has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years.

Whether you are managing one wireless network or a thousand, this utility will be one tool you will not be able to do without.

The WEP Key Generator Utility was born out of my necessity to more effectively manage my wireless network (and networks belonging to my local consulting clients).

Router Keygen is a tool with which you can decipher Thomson passwords and Wi Fi keys, so that you can use the internet wherever you are.

The application is compatible with several dozen different router models, like Pirelli Discus, Eircom, Verizon Fi OS or Alice AGPF.

Need to connect to a wireless network that is WEP encoded but all you have is the passphrase and your network connection client doesn't handle passphrases?

You need to have an offline WEP key generator that will give you the 26 HEX digits you need. WEPGen uses the defacto standard for generating WEP keys used by most wireless routers. and is compatible with alternate firmware like 'Tomato'.

It is important to keep compatibility in mind (the complete list is on the website of the author), as it is necessary for the router to be on it for you to be able to decipher its password.