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Du darfst deine Beiträge in diesem Forum nicht löschen. Since its debut in 2005, it's transformed from a scrappy one-off horror show to a serialized apocalypse story to one of the best family dramas on television."If I've said in the past that I had this five year plan from the beginning, I was lying," he said."I always knew what that particular season was going to be; 'by midseason I want to be here, by the end of the season I want to be there.' And then I always had a rough sketch what the season after that would be.We kind of knew that at the end of season one, this is where we'd like to be, end of season two, etc.

We're kind of sticking to it, but we were careful…careful to have a broad idea of where we wanted to end up." Kripke has since backtracked on these claims, telling in 2010 that "plans are not set in stone," and in a 2014 interview with Variety, he said the long-term plan was never actually a thing."We were realizing the thing that we most enjoyed when we were watching cuts of the show was the chemistry between the brothers, and that the mythology we were constructing for the season was really a family story about two young men and their father, and this family legacy that they're trying to deal with," Gamble told Variety."That was the heart of the show, and if we paid attention to how each monster story resonated with the relationship between the brothers, then the show was always really interesting." Supernatural has become so mired in Sam and Dean's relationship that it's hard to imagine it any other way, but had the show's creators not been so observant and open-minded, the series could have swung in an entirely different direction. "So if we were nervous about what was going to happen to us to begin with, then when we found out there was going to be a new captain of the network ship so to speak, it certainly didn't settle our stomachs," Padalecki told Longstanding lore in Supernatural fandom says that creator Kripke had a three-season plan that eventually shifted to five seasons as the show's popularity increased.If so, enjoy these video stills from my collection of guys tied up or bound in movies and TV shows.21 Celbrities Movies 21 Celebrity Pics 21 Dean Cain 21 Celebrity Pics 21 Celebrity Pics 21 HOT AND HUNG AMATEURS 21 Shane West 21 Dean Cain 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Celebrity Pics 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers 21 Celebrity Pics 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Channing tatum 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Paul Walker 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Matt Cedeno 0 Antonio 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Scott Speedman 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Celebrity Pics 21 Chris olivero 21 Justin Timberlake 21 Christian Cooke 21 Justin Bruening 21 Charlie Hunnam 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Celebrity Pics 21 Jeremy Sumpter 21 Celebrity Pics 21 Celbrities Movies 21 Celebrity Pics 0 Antonio 21 Ashton Kutcher 0 Boxing ring romp.Creator Eric Kripke told Variety that Ackles, who was invited to audition due to his work on Smallville (2001-11), initially auditioned to play Sam, with producers falling in love with him in that role.