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That sense of disconnection from our normal personality allows new ways of behaving.

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What she’d forgotten was they were Facebook friends, so the update would appear front and centre the next time he logged into Facebook.She might as well have said it straight to his face and, for good measure, kicked him in the shins.It can allow us to open up about things that we can’t discuss face-to-face.Online support groups rely on this openness to allow members to discuss their deepest hopes and fears.They are experts in a kind of emotional hit-and-run.

On the other hand, people who have difficulty when communicating face-to-face can become eloquent and courteous when online.

There is no internet government, no one person in charge of it all.

So people feel freer online: away from authority, social convention and conformity.

The first famous case of someone allegedly losing their job from indiscreet remarks made online was in 2002.

Heather Armstrong, author of the blog ‘dooce‘, claimed she was fired after her colleagues discovered she’d been lampooning them online.

In internet terms getting fired for a blog rant is ancient news; to make the headlines now your indiscretions have to be on Twitter or Facebook.