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The same goes for Cynthia who even received a proposal from the Def Jam co-founder.

He continues to release new music and perform at concerts.

While our favorite Bravolebrities are an open book when it comes to their romantic lives today, some have tried to keep their past relationships out of the spotlight.

Mc Cartney is currently on a campus tour across the nation. The perfect amount of enthusiasm,” said Mc Cartney in an email interview.

“They are still young enough to want to scream, dance and be crazy, but not too crazy.

“This one’s for you,” Mc Cartney said to Perry before continuing the song.

Near the end of the song it was clear that Mc Cartney had picked Perry for a reason, as her boyfriend came on stage, got on one knee in front of a speechless Perry and proposed in front of the cheering audience.

Maybe it's the alcohol on , a game of Shag, Marry, Kill proved to be the perfect time for Katie to share a past fling with Russell.

While it didn't work out romantically, the pair remains friends today.

“I’ve been telling him since we started dating, ‘If you’re going to propose to me it has to be to [Mc Cartney’s] Tie the Knot song.’ I have been [a big fan] since I was a child,” she said.

“I even have his movies like the .” Kyle Schneider, the now-fiance of Perry, was surprised that his plan to propose on stage was successful after reaching out to Mc Cartney with the idea last week.

" and a newer, upbeat song, "Back Together" off his most recent album.

“I like this crowd,” Mc Cartney said to the audience during the concert. ” Mc Cartney said as he took a video of himself with the screaming crowd. People in the crowd were sitting on shoulders, jumping up and down and screaming to get Mc Cartney’s attention.

“I went to his website…I didn’t expect to hear anything back,” said Schneider.