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The vast array of digital television content that many households enjoy today did not spring up overnight.The birth of the smartphone was heralded as a landmark moment.

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After the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the Manchester Central Convention Complex, they headed to the BBC Children’s department where they saw how the BBC runs interactive workshops called “Stepping Out” sessions.

These sessions are a focus group where young people are able to give children’s editorial staff and content producers their view of how they respond to new programs.

Manchester has had a tough year, and I personally stand in awe of the way that the people of Manchester have united in bravery and support of one another.

This community is a great example to all of us, wherever we are from.

My alarm comes from the fact that so many parents feel they are having to make up the rules as they go along.

We have put the most powerful information technology in human history into the hands of our children – yet we do not yet understand its impact on adults, let alone the very young.

The programme makers and tech leaders in this room understand that. They are the years we develop resilience and strength.

They are the years where our capacity for empathy and connection are nurtured.

“I entered adulthood at the turn of the millennium.

The generation of parents that Catherine and I are a part of had understood the world of mobile phones, the internet, email, and the like for some time. The changes we have incorporated into our own lives as adults have often felt incremental, not revolutionary.

Parents who were born before the invention of the World Wide Web now have children aged 5 to 15 who spend two hours a day online.