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The visibility of each menu item depends on the current document type.

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When opening a document from the "Open recent" menu item or by opening a project from the "Open project" menu item, the document type is always restored.

User cannot define a new document type but it is always possible to assign another document type for a template document from the "Template" menu and the "Edit templates" item.

Liddell says they broke up, but they are still friends and they still hang out.

Liddell tells me about a beef Ford and Paris Hilton got into that almost led to an altercation with Liddell and Hilton’s security at a Las Vegas nightclub.

His daughter lives with him, but his son lives with his mother in Denver, which is very tough on the champ.

We start talking about Liddell’s upcoming fight against Babalu.

An Editi X Version Number is built with : - A Year (like (*) A document type is choosen when opening a document or creating a new one.

Like many other Internet standards, the DOM is an official standard of the World Wide Web Consortium, better known as the W3C.

In its simplest form, the DOM defines an XML document as consisting as a tree of nodes.

On the other hand, the node tree doesn't include XML attributes, though you can retrieve them from the parent elements.

Liddell and Ford have since squashed their beef with Hilton.“People baffle me,” Liddell says as we leave the Playboy Radio studio.